Beverly Beach State Park

NAME: Beverly Beach State Park Pavements
LOCATION: Newport, Oregon
MARKET: Transportation

DESCRIPTION:  The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department (OPRD) is planning pavement improvements at the Beverly Beach State Park campground in Newport, Oregon. OPRD has identified 9 pavement improvement areas across the campground. OPRD requested a geotechnical investigation for the project to investigate the existing pavement and subgrade conditions and to develop pavement alternatives (i.e., rehabilitation or reconstruction options) for the improvement areas. The preferred pavement alternative will depend on grade constraints, overall budget, and life cycle cost analysis.

SERVICE:  Foundation Engineering completed a site reconnaissance, pavement explorations, field and laboratory testing, engineering analysis for up to 3 pavement alternatives, and an engineering report. The report included a description of our work, a discussion of the surface and subsurface conditions, and summary of the field and laboratory testing, and the core hole information. It also include a summary of the pavement analysis and design and recommendations for subgrade preparation and minimum pavement sections for each pavement alternative.

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