Carmen Smith Bridge

NAME: Carmen Smith Bridge
LOCATION: Linn County, Oregon
MARKET: Transportation

DESCRIPTION:  EWEB is planning a seismic retrofit for the Carmen Smith Access Bridge in Linn County. The bridge is a ±180- foot long, 3-span structural and was built in 1960. A preliminary seismic bridge evaluation completed by DOWL identified four (4) items that were seismically deficient. EWEB is moving forward with the seismic retrofit and requires the completion of the seismic retrofit design.

SERVICE:  Foundation Engineering, Inc. conducted a review of existing information, exploratory drilling, laboratory testing, geotechnical analysis, and an engineering report. The report summarized our findings and included a description of our work, a discussion of site conditions, the boring logs, laboratory test results, a summary of seismic considerations, and a summary of foundation analyses. Construction recommendations were also provided.

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