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Waterfront Facilities

Waterfront Facilities The pacific northwest is full of special places where the land meets water. The value of these places in our collective infrastructure is being more fully recognized. Foundation Engineering has completed subsurface explorations in a variety of these environments and is able to come up with innovative solutions to minimize impacts while providing […]

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Water & Wastewater

Water & Wastewater Access to clean drinking water and sanitation are critical elements of our infrastructure. Municipalities throughout Oregon and Washington recognize the value of these systems and continue to invest in maintaining and upgrading to more resilient systems. Foundation Engineering has been privileged to be able provide geotechnical engineering services for a wide range

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Boardman Coyote Springs Substation


Energy Our U.S. infrastructure includes energy utilities. We have been proud to partner with many entities to provide geotechnical services for energy substations, generation facilities, transmission lines and towers, and fuel storage facilities. Our work has included design, analyses, seismic hazard studies, evaluation, and design of mitigation options, as well as construction observations. Foundation Engineering

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Transportation Surface transportation encompasses the intermodal transportation network across the United States. Our ability to be mobile is a key foundation in everyday life. Foundation Engineering has built a distinguished reputation for excellence in surface transportation related projects in Oregon, Washington and even Alaska. Each project is unique and requires a knowledge set to address

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Washougal Washington

Land Management

Land Management Our awareness of care for the land and provisions for public access are increasing. Restoration of wetlands, natural drainages and areas of ecological sensitivity must be completed with care at every step of the process. Foundation Engineering is familiar with the design requirements for these facilities and has experience and the understanding to

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Reser Stadium Corvallis, OR


Buildings Perhaps the most important work we do is for buildings. Foundation Engineering has completed thousands of geotechnical investigations for buildings that include essential facilities such as fire stations and hospitals, industrial facilities, commercial development, housing, and warehouses. Often these include different types of structures and different foundation needs. Foundation Engineering provides services that are

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Regional Airport


Airports Smaller and rural airports provide needed infrastructure in the PNW. Foundation Engineering has provided geotechnical services for 25 counties out of 36 for rural and smaller airports throughout Oregon and Washington. These projects encompass everything from air cargo facilities, aprons, control towers, taxiways and runways to wetland mitigation sites associated with airfield improvements. The

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