Land Management

Waite Ranch

Waite Ranch

Waite Ranch NAME: Waite RanchLOCATION: Lane County, OregonMARKET: Land ManagementSUBMARKET: Habitat Restoration DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this project is to restore an estuarine wetland area on a parcel of land that borders Highway 126 and the Siuslaw River. The project has been in progress for quite some time after The McKenzie Trust purchased the property in […]

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Washougal Biosolids

Washougal Biosolids

Washougal Biosolids NAME: Washougal BiosolidsLOCATION: Washougal, WashingtonMARKET: Land ManagementSUBMARKET: Landfill & Waste Management DESCRIPTION:  The City of Washougal plans to improve the existing biosolids handling and storage process at the wastewater treatment plant. Improvements include the construction of new aerobic digesters, a new biosolids handling building, a biosolids storage canopy, a bioselector basin, and the

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jackson-frazier wetlands

Jackson-Frazier Wetland Boardwalk

Jackson-Frazier Wetland Boardwalk NAME: Jackson-Frazier Wetland BoardwalkLOCATION: Corvallis, OregonMARKET: Land ManagementSUBMARKET: Parks DESCRIPTION:  Benton County Natural Areas, Parks & Events Department plan to replace the existing pedestrian boardwalk at the Jackson-Frazier Wetland. The existing boardwalk is an approximately 2/3-mile-long treated wood structure. The planned replacement being considered is a concrete boardwalk. SERVICE:  Foundation Engineering, Inc.

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Chip Ross, Corvallis, OR

Chip Ross Park

Chip Ross Park Area Restoration NAME: Chip Ross Park Area RestorationMARKET: Land Management    SUBMARKET: Habitat Restoration DESCRIPTION:  The Chip Ross Area Oak Restoration project planned by the City of Corvallis is essentially a selective harvest. Trout Mountain Forestry (TMF) was retained by the City of Corvallis Parks and Recreation Department to develop a plan to restore

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