Chief Yelkus Park Boardwalk

NAME: Chief Yelkus Park Boardwalk
LOCATION: Molalla, Oregon
MARKET: Waterfront Facilities
SUBMARKET: Docks, Piers and Boardwalks

DESCRIPTION:  The City of Molalla is planning to develop a vacant 5.16-acre wetlands lot into a city park. The vacant lot is located adjacent to S Molalla Forest Road in Molalla, Oregon. The development will include parking spaces, a restroom, a playground, and an 8-foot-wide walking path. Preliminary drawings indicate the walking path will be ±750 feet long. Most of the site is designated as wetlands. Therefore, to minimize ground disturbance within the wetlands, most of the walking path will be constructed using an elevated timber boardwalk system.

SERVICE:  Foundation Engineering conducted exploratory test pits, laboratory testing, analysis, and provided a technical memorandum. The memorandum includes a description of our work, a discussion of the site and subsurface conditions, the test pit logs, a summary of laboratory testing, and recommendations for site preparation, and the design and construction of the drilled pier foundations.

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