Chip Ross Park
Area Restoration

NAME: Chip Ross Park Area Restoration
MARKET: Land Management    
SUBMARKET: Habitat Restoration

DESCRIPTION:  The Chip Ross Area Oak Restoration project planned by the City of Corvallis is essentially a selective harvest. Trout Mountain Forestry (TMF) was retained by the City of Corvallis Parks and Recreation Department to develop a plan to restore and enhance oak savanna, oak woodland, and upland prairie habitats at the 83-acre Chip Ross Park in north Corvallis, Oregon. The plan restored and enhanced the area by thinning and removing Douglas fir and other competitive trees, invasive weeds, and establishing native grasses.

SERVICE: Trout Mountain Forestry retained Foundation Engineering, Inc. as the geotechnical consultant. Our scope of work included a review of available literature sources (including previous geotechnical reports, water well logs, Lidar maps, and geologic publications), site reconnaissance, and development of recommendations to reduce the hazard of slope instability and erosion during logging. A technical memorandum was prepared to address the City’s requirements of a pre-harvest site reconnaissance and assessment for areas mapped with a greater than 25% slope or within a High Landslide Hazard.

Chip Ross, Corvallis, OR
Chip Ross, Corvallis, OR
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