CLPUD Reedsport
Substation Slope Evaluationn

NAME: CLPUD Reedsport Substation Slope Evaluation
LOCATION: Reedsport, Oregon
MARKET: Energy
SUBMARKET: Substations

DESCRIPTION:  Cracking within the gravel surfacing was recently observed at the Central Lincoln Public Utilities District (CLPUD) substation located at 310 N 22nd Street in Reedsport, Oregon. The cracking extends approximately parallel to the northwest property line in an area where a geotextile-reinforced embankment slope was constructed about 20 years ago to expand the facility. 

A schematic cross-section plan sheet for the slope provided by CLPUD indicates the geotextile-reinforced slope height varies with location and the maximum height is ±18 feet. The plan sheet shows a planned lift height of 1 foot for the geotextile reinforcement with the base of the embankment sloped back at 5 percent and the geotextile-wrapped slope face graded at ¾(H):1(V). The plan sheet does not show the length of the reinforcement and it does not include any information about the fill materials and placement and compaction requirements. A photo taken by CLPUD during construction suggests the reinforced slope was constructed using native fill materials, which appear to consist of predominantly fine-grained soil. The geotextile length at the bottom of the reinforced layer appears to be in the range of ±10 to 12 feet based on a comparison of the lift width to the width of the dozer.

SERVICE:  Foundation Engineering, Inc. was retained to evaluate the risk of slope instability to the substation.  Our report provided several options for slope reconstruction or stabilization.

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