Coos Bay Pump Station No. 6

NAME: Coos Bay Pump Station No. 6
LOCATION: Coos Bay, Oregon
MARKET: Water & Wastewater
SUBMARKET: Conveyance & Pump Stations

DESCRIPTION:  The existing Pump Station No. 6 facility includes a pump station building constructed over an existing wet well and an adjacent control building. We understand the original wet well was built in the 1960’s and the control building was built in the 1970’s. Additional drawings indicate the pump station building was built at the site in the 1980’s, incorporating the original wet well. In 2022, The Dyer Partnership Engineers & Planners, Inc. (Dyer) prepared drawings for the rehabilitation of the facility. The rehabilitation included demolishing the existing pump station and control buildings, preserving the existing foundations and slabs, constructing a new control building over the existing foundation system, rehabilitation of the existing wet well, and the construction of a new standby generator with a canopy on a new concrete pad.

As part of the improvements, the contractor was in the process of fixing several leaks in the drained wet well. Following this work, the west wall failed. We understand the current plan is to backfill the original wet well and build a new, ±22-foot deep wet well west of the existing pump station. The level of damage to the floor slab of the adjacent at-grade structure, if any, is unknown. However, it would be reasonable to expect that failure of the wet well wall could have led to the formation of voids beneath the slab or adjacent foundations.

SERVICE:  Foundation Engineering completed exploratory test pits, laboratory testing, engineering analysis and an engineering report. The report will summarize our findings, including a description of our work, a discussion of site conditions, and recommendations for site preparation and foundation design and construction.

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