Eugene Airport
Taxiway J and L Widening

LOCATION: Eugene, Lane County
MARKET: Airport
SUBMARKET: Aprons, Runways & Taxiways


The Eugene Airport plans to rehabilitate Taxiways J and L, which are located west of the air cargo apron near the south end of the airport. The project also includes adding 30-foot-wide shoulders along the taxiways and new pavements at select locations adjacent to the taxiways.


Foundation Engineering has completed several investigations for pavements and other facilities at the Eugene Airport, including an investigation in 2007 for the expansion of Taxiways J and L and investigations in 2015 and 2017 for Phase I and II Rehabilitations of Taxiway A. Other relevant pavement investigations include those for the Terminal Taxiway Reconfiguration, and the proposed Deice Pad and RON Apron.

Foundation Engineering, Inc. conducted a subsurface investigation, field and laboratory testing, geotechnical recommendations and pavement design  parameters associated with the planned improvements.

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