Ford’s Pond Boardwalk

NAME: Ford’s Pond Boardwalk
LOCATION: Sutherlin, Oregon
MARKET: Transportation
SUBMARKET: Bike & Pedestrian Paths

DESCRIPTION:  A ±1,200-foot long, 10-foot-wide boardwalk that traverses wetland areas is planned along Ford’s Pond in Sutherlin, Oregon. A timber/composite wood boardwalk system is currenlty planned. Foundation options are being considered.

SERVICE:  Foundation Engineering, Inc. was retained by Dyer to complete a geotechnical investigation for the project. The work is being completed in two phases. The current phase, Phase 1, consists of completing a subsurface investigation and preparing a memorandum summarizing the subsurface conditions and providing geotechnical considerations to help determine which foundation system is preferred based on the subsurface conditions.

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