Goodpasture Island Bridge

NAME: Goodpasture Island Bridge
LOCATION: Vida, Lane County, Oregon
MARKET: Transportation


e Goodpasture Covered bridge is an ODOT standard timber Howe truss built in 1938 with a main span of 165 feet over the McKenzie River. The bridge is a ±237-foot long, five-span structure and was constructed in 1938. In 1986, the truss components were rehabilitated. The approach spans west of the covered bridge were replaced with a retaining wall and a short jump span, and the approach spans east of the covered bridge were replaced with new similar timber framed approach spans supported on driven piles. More recent improvements include major truss repairs and strengthening of the covered bridge in 2013 and the construction of a new roof in 2021. The bridge carries a single lane of traffic and is currently load posted for 44 tons. DOWL completed the design of major truss repairs and strengthening of the Goodpasture Covered Bridge in 2013 and, most recently, the design of a new roof structure to replace the roof that was damaged during a snowstorm in February 2019.

During the Holiday Farm Fire of 2020, the fire line approached the Goodpasture Covered Bridge and put the bridge at risk of being destroyed. Fortunately, the bridge was not destroyed, and the County successfully received FEMA funding to assist in mitigating the risk from snow, fire, and seismic events on the bridge.


Lane County was the first county in Oregon to build covered bridges!

SERVICE:  Our scope of work included a review of available information, site reconnaissance, an exploration work plan, field explorations, and laboratory testing. We also conducted analysis to evaluate the subsurface conditions, develop a site response spectrum, evaluate liquefaction, and lateral spread hazards, and develop parameters for evaluating springs for the existing foundations. All findings were presented in a Geotechnical Report along with geotechnical recommendations, and construction considerations for the project.

HIGHLIGHT: The Goodpasture Island Bridge is named after Benjamin Franklin Goodpasture, who was a pioneer farmer that had settled in the area near the bridge site. The bridge was built with windows to allow light inside the bridge so that drivers could see oncoming traffic while traversing the bridge. This bridge remains one of the most photographed bridges in Oregon.

Goodpasture 2
Goodpasture Island Bridge
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