Wetland Boardwalk

NAME: Jackson-Frazier Wetland Boardwalk
LOCATION: Corvallis, Oregon
MARKET: Land Management

DESCRIPTION:  Benton County Natural Areas, Parks & Events Department plan to replace the existing pedestrian boardwalk at the Jackson-Frazier Wetland. The existing boardwalk is an approximately 2/3-mile-long treated wood structure. The planned replacement being considered is a concrete boardwalk.

SERVICE:  Foundation Engineering, Inc. was retained by Benton County to help determine the selection of the boardwalk foundation system. Phase 1 will consist of a preliminary subsurface exploration, limited laboratory testing, and preparation of a technical memorandum summarizing the subsurface conditions and foundation options. Analysis and design for the selected boardwalk foundation option will be completed as part of a separate Phase 2 scope of work once the system and associated loads are known.

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