North Bend Waterfront
Elevated Pier

NAME: North Bend Waterfront Elevated Pier
LOCATION: North Bend, Oregon
MARKET: Waterfront Facilities
SUBMARKET: Docks, Piers, and Boardwalks

DESCRIPTION:  The City of North Bend revitalized its historic waterfront district. The improvements included constructing a new ±700‑foot long, ±16‑foot wide, 14‑span elevated pier and sidewalks providing a north‑south path on Harbor Avenue between Virginia Avenue and California Avenue. The pier accommodates predominantly pedestrian and bicycle traffic. A transient dock connects to the elevated pier. Therefore, a small portion of the pier near Virginia Avenue was designed to accommodate limited commercial vehicular traffic. New approach fill and a retaining wall are located at the south approach.

SERVICE: Foundation Engineering, Inc. completed exploratory drilling, laboratory testing, engineering analysis and an engineering report. Geotechnical considerations include a deep deposit of compressible and potentially liquefiable soils. Driven pile foundations will support the structure. The four exploratory borings extended to depths of ±100 to 135 feet.

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