Petrosa Canal Crossings

NAME: Petrosa Canal Crossings
LOCATION: Bend, Oregon
MARKET: Transportation

DESCRIPTION:  Pahlisch Homes is developing a parcel in Bend, Oregon known as Petrosa. The development will require two canal crossings. One crossing is over a North Unit Irrigation District canal with an existing, 36-inch diameter sanitary sewer line. The condition of the pipe is unknown, and the development will require placement of up to ±12-15 feel of new fill over the pipe, along with the new road and equipment surcharge. Foundation Engineering assisted in mitigating possible damage to the pipe due to the new load.

The second crossing is over a Central Oregon Irrigation District canal. COID plans to encase this channel with a ±10-foot diameter pipe in the next ±10 years. The new alignment will be ±10 feet below the current bottom of the canal. Plans are to place a new open-bottom or box culver with sufficient size to accommodate the planned pipe. Foundation Engineering assisted with the design of the new foundations.

SERVICE:  Foundation Engineering, Inc. conducted a geotechnical investigation. Our scope of work included exploratory drilling for the COID canal crossing, laboratory testing, and completion of a technical memorandum. The memorandum summarized our findings and included a description of our work, a discussion of the site conditions, seismic design parameters, laterals earth pressures for buried walls, and recommendations for foundation design and construction.

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