Reser Stadium

NAME: Reser Stadium
LOCATION: Corvallis, Oregon
MARKET: Buildings

DESCRIPTION: Oregon State University (OSU) demolished and replaced the west side of Reser Stadium on the Corvallis campus. 

The replacement structure includes:

  • A press box, bowl seating, premium spaces and club amenities, and food and beverage services. 
  • A visitor’s locker room and loading dock to service the stadium.
  • Seating capacity “right-sized” to accommodate ±8,800 seats including a lower bowl, premium area, mid and upper-bowls.
  • Replace and modernize existing audio, visual, broadcast and connectivity technologies.
  • Allow for a 360-degree concourse for the full stadium experience.

The structure is anchored by two towers supported on mat foundations. The remaining structure is supported on isolated column footings, strip footings and concrete shear walls for seismic resistance. 


The westside of the new Reser Stadium will host the closest seating to the football field compared to any college stadium in the nation!

SERVICE:  Foundation Engineering Inc. conducted exploratory drilling, installation of piezometers for ground water monitoring, laboratory testing, engineering analysis and design, a site-specific seismic hazard study, and a geotechnical report. We provided construction observations during subgrade preparation and excavation as well as technical support and consultation.

The Seismic Hazard Study was to identify potential geologic and seismic hazards and evaluate those hazards on the project. The study reviewed regional geology, local geology, tectonic setting, local faulting, historic earthquakes, seismic and geologic hazards, and seismic design. No geologic or seismic hazards were discovered that would require special design consideration in the construction of the stadium.

Extensive field exploration was conducted to explore the subsurface conditions of the soil and confirm that the findings were consistent with the mapped local geology and prior explorations for the stadium.

Foundation Engineering, Inc. was proud to be part of the process and provide a geotechnical investigation and a seismic hazard study. 

Highlight: A generous donation led to Oregon State Reser Stadium’s transformation. The project site is located within the southern Willamette Valley between the Willamette River and the east foothills of the Coast Range. The stadium will function as the football facility as well as provide year-round programs and facilities for students, faculty, and staff of OSU. It will also sport a new welcome center, conference and meeting facilities and a campus wellness facility. Groundbreaking occurred in 2021 and will be completed in summer 2023.

Reser Stadium Corvallis, Oregon
Reser Stadium Corvallis, Oregon
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