Rogue Ales and Spirits

NAME: Rogue Ales and Spirits
LOCATION: Newport, Oregon
MARKET: Water & Wastewater
SUBMARKET: Clarifiers & Treatment Facilities

DESCRIPTION:  Rogue Ale and Spirits plans to construct a new wastewater treatment facility at the Rogue Brewery located at 2320 SE Marine Drive in Newport, Oregon. Development will include construction of two (aeration and equalization) new steel wastewater storage tanks immediately west of the existing brewery building.

SERVICE: Foundation Engineering, Inc. completed exploratory drilling, laboratory testing, analysis, and an engineering report. The analysis will include an evaluation of seismic hazards including liquefaction, lateral spread, subsidence, and tsunami inundation. The report summarized our findings and included a description of our work, a discussion of site conditions, and recommendations for site preparation and foundation design and construction.

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