South Fork Beaver Creek Bridge

NAME: South Fork Beaver Creek Bridge
LOCATION: Seal Rock, Oregon
MARKET: Transportation

DESCRIPTION:  The South Fork Beaver Creek Bridge (Bridge #12081) is a ±49-foot-long by ±24-foot-wide timber structure with a corrugated steel deck capped with asphaltic pavement and is being replaced with a ±60-foot-long, single-span, concrete structure. The new bridge will be constructed on the same alignment as the existing bridge and have pile-supported integral abutments and approach panels. Sheet piling will be installed in front of the abutments for scour protection and wrapping around the sides of the abutments to serve as wing walls. The replacement bridge and approach elevations will approximately match the current road grade. Retaining walls are also planned on the west side of the south approach to limit the approach widening adjacent to the creek.

SERVICE:  Foundation Engineering, Inc. conducted a geotechnical field investigation to determine surface and subsurface conditions in the proposed improvement areas, including bridge foundations and areas of pavement rehabilitation and/or new pavement construction.  We also provided a report which summarized and presented the results of our investigation, analyses, and recommendations.

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