Southwest Oregon
Regional Airport Apron

NAME: Southwest Oregon Regional Airport Apron
MARKET: Airport
SUBMARKET: Aprons, Runways & Taxiways


The Southwest Oregon Regional Airport (OTH) plans to repair a 6,000 SF portion of the general aviation apron located east of the Ocean Air Building. We understand pavement distress has been identified in the Portland cement concrete (PCC) in this area, which will require full-depth reconstruction.

The airport also plans to construct a new apron expansion to the south of the existing ramp. The apron will cover an area of about 155,000 SF and will require realignment of a section of W Airport Way. The apron expansion area is currently occupied by buildings and segments of E Airport Way and W Airport Way.


Foundation Engineering, Inc. conducted a subsurface investigation, field and laboratory testing, geotechnical recommendations and geotechnical recommendations for the realignment of W Airport Way.

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