Territorial Highway

NAME: Territorial Highway – Clear Lake Rd to Fir Grove Ln
LOCATION: Lane County, Oregon
MARKET: Transportation

DESCRIPTION:  The goal of this project is to improve Territorial Hwy between Clear Lake Road and Fir Grove Lane. The project will widen the roadway to provide a minimum of 36’ paved width (two 12’ travel lanes and two 6’ shoulder bike lanes) and construction pavement improvements with a minimum 20-year design life. The existing 96” CMP culvert at Inman Branch (a.k.a. Inman Creek) will be replaced with a longer, wider structure meeting current roadside safety, environmental, hydraulic and fish passage requirements. The culvert will be constructed SW to NE to better match the natural stream alignment. The project will be completed in two phases: Phase I – Inman Branch Culvert Replacement and Phase 2 – Roadway Widening and Pavement Rehabilitation.

SERVICE:  Foundation Engineering, Inc. conducted a site reconnaissance, a subsurface investigation, laboratory testing, geotechnical analysis and design, a geotechnical report, and geotechnical data sheet. We also completed an evaluation of the seismic hazards such as liquefaction and lateral spread and the impact they may have on the proposed replacement structure. We also summarized our findings in the report and included a discussion of our findings, design recommendations for bridge or culvert foundations, recommendations for site preparation, excavation, cut and fill slopes, structural fill material, fill placement and compaction, and wet weather construction.

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