Tower Road

NAME: Tower Road
LOCATION: Cowlitz County, Washington
MARKET: Landslide

DESCRIPTION:  In the winter of 2022, a ±90-foot long by ±20-foot-deep section of the Tower Road embankment washed out where Rock Creek previously passed under Tower Road via three, CMP culverts. Cowlitz County DOPW plans to replace the culverts with a temporary bridge. The temporary bridge will later be replaced with a permanent bridge along the same alignment. The temporary bridge will be a ±140- foot long, ±24-foot wide single-span structure constructed on the existing alignment. The eroded embankment slopes consisted of primarily silty sand and the stream bed was predominantly cobble and boulders. The remains of a concrete box culvert were visible at the base of the embankment slope on the west side of the washout.

SERVICE:  Foundation Engineering, Inc. conducted exploratory drilling, laboratory testing, seismic analysis and evaluation, and a memorandum. The memorandum included a description of our work, a discussion of the site conditions, a summary of the field and laboratory testing, recommendations for the selected driven pile foundation option and discussion for the design and construction of sheet pile walls and the abutments.

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