Washougal Biosolids

NAME: Washougal Biosolids
LOCATION: Washougal, Washington
MARKET: Land Management
SUBMARKET: Landfill & Waste Management

DESCRIPTION:  The City of Washougal plans to improve the existing biosolids handling and storage process at the wastewater treatment plant. Improvements include the construction of new aerobic digesters, a new biosolids handling building, a biosolids storage canopy, a bioselector basin, and the decommissioning of the existing storage lagoons.

SERVICE:  Foundation Engineering, Inc. conducted subsurface exploration, laboratory testing, engineering analysis, and preparation of separate data and recommendation reports to support design of an aerobic digester facility. The geotechnical data report summarized initial findings of the subsurface exploration and laboratory test results. The recommendations report summarized the geology, anticipated subsurface soil and groundwater conditions. It also provided recommendations for site preparation, removal/mitigation of fill or unsuitable soil, subgrade preparation, evaluation of proposed imported site fill, foundation design, slab, and pavement design criteria.

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